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ONEWOOD is a new breed of homogeneous reconstituted timber (HRT) made of majority cellulose wood fiber from plantations and binder that is fabricated to be homogeneous in nature. ONEWOOD are created into large blocks of timber that has unique wood grains that are similar to the natural year rings of timber.

Each ONEWOOD block comes in 300 mm (Thickness) by 300 mm (Width) by 2500 mm (Length). It can be produced up to 5000 mm (Length). ONEWOOD can also be considered as engineered timber. With each block of ONEWOOD, the possibilities of wood products are immense.

A standard block of ONEWOOD


Created to become structurally homogenous in nature, ONEWOOD works well with basic carpentry tools and woodworking methods – just like timber. Every solid piece of ONEWOOD can be transformed into any timber product without compromising on its structure, strength and even grain patterns. Creating the unique property of homogeneity also resulted in other distinguished properties such as termite resistance and Class 1 Fire Rated, all of which contributes to ONEWOOD’s durability.

A considerable alternative to replace natural hardwood, this reconstituted timber will revolutionize the building and furniture industry and become an ideal material sought-after by developers, architects, interior designers and furniture makers

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The determination to curb deforestation was the driving force in the development of ONEWOOD. It was imminent to the producers to conceptualize and deliver a green product similar to natural wood and in due course add another solution to mitigate global warming, making the world a better place.

Beyond sourcing for eco-friendly raw materials, ONEWOOD also adopts environmentally friendly production processes. It has been awarded the Singapore Green Label Scheme and Singapore Green Building Product certification.

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Every fiber from ONEWOOD is sourced from fast growing and sustainable plantations. Furthermore, its homogeneous quality gives ONEWOOD users the opportunity to refresh and reuse this composite product for other possible timber works.

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