ONEWOOD is a homogeneous reconstituted timber in which its added properties are consistent throughout the block. Due to this unique property, it allows ONEWOOD to be able to achieve other key features such as being fire retardant, termite free and water resistant.

ONEWOOD's wood grains can be seen after being processed with conventional wood working methods such as cutting, planing, moulding and sanding. Hence, ONEWOOD can be used in a wide range of shapes, thicknesses, widths and lengths.


ONEWOOD's fiber has been impregnated with fire retardant additives giving it its low flame spread property. ONEWOOD has been certified as Class One Surface Spread of Flame ('Class 1' Rating for BS 476:Part 7: 1997) which indicates low surface flame spread. To view our actual test results, kindly fill up the form below.

Due the homogeneous nature of ONEWOOD, this fire retardant properties is adherent throughtout the whole block of ONEWOOD, making it fire retardant even at the smallest to its maximum dimensions.

An in-house comparison test has been carried out on ONEWOOD versus tropical hardwood against extremely high temperature flames (approx 2000℃).

(Scroll to 3:55 to view ONEWOOD's performance)


ONEWOOD mitigates the problem of termite infestation. ONEWOOD and natural hardwood were placed in a termite nest in Darwin, Australia for 6 months. Results have shown that ONEWOOD remains untouched, whereas signs of termite infestation is prominent in the latter test subject.

ONEWOOD have undergone durability test against subterranean termites ASTM D3345 & AWPA E1-09 to achieve reasonable durability against termite attacks.

To deter from termite infestation or problems in your home or office, ONEWOOD is a suitable material for interior timber works such as flooring, staircase treads, wall and ceiling panels etc.

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