Home & Decor: A curvy renovated ’70s condo with rooms for cats


Home to a doctor and a lawyer with a side business as a cat breeder, this curvy, Scandinavian-inspired condo in Cavenagh Gardens is both highly stylish and functional.

Onewood Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber

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Home & Decor: From Mushroom to Bamboo Charcoal: 6 next-gen sustainable flooring materials we love

HOME & DECOR, 31 MAY 2021

Onewood Homogeneous Reconstituted Timber

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Lakeside Garden opens to public under first phase of Jurong Lake Gardens


The newly launched Jurong Lake Gardens in Singapore's heartland has become the nation's 3rd national park, emphasizing on sustainable systems and use of green materials. Onewood has been used as material for the playground areas that are friendly for families.

Onewood Crab Tunnel Structure Children Playground

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IPOS Award for IP Champions 2017 - ONEWOOD

Pacific Forest Products Pte Ltd has won the prestigious IP Awards 2017 for its outstanding enterprise growth through the successful use of intellectual property (IP) for their product, ONEWOOD. Jointly organised by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Awards has recognised 16 organisations which includes research institutions, MNCs and SMEs since 2013.

" We strongly believe that we can advance against global warming and create a greener environment for all if we actively find sustainable and viable alternatives in the way we use our natural resources. ONEWOOD is one of the many ways that will make a difference.

Every fibre from ONEWOOD is sourced from fast growing, sustainable plantations. Synthesized to become a homogenous product, ONEWOOD can fully substitute natural timber in every way and form. We can now enjoy premium wood products without deforesting pristine forests to acquire logs from mature trees.

Wood is commodity to all. If we can educate countries on the concept of "growing" wood and spread the knowledge to do so, ONEWOOD can change the way people source for wood especially from exotic tree species.

My strength and ability alone won't create an impact and achieve this goal. We need the world to contribute to this idea to make a difference. "
Mr Jason Chang,
Inventor of ONEWOOD,
Managing Director of Pacific Forest Products
IPOS Awards Winners ONEWOOD 2017

Inventor of ONEWOOD, Jason Chang (center), receiving the IPOS Award for IP Champions from Mr K Shanmugan, Minister of Home Affairs (left).

IPOS Awards Winners ONEWOOD 2017

Panel of fellow winners at the IPOS Awards Winners 2017

Photo credit from Intellectual Property Office of Singapore